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My name is Eyal Eliezer, a painter since I can remember myself.
I believe that art is a great instrument to observe the universe through, or a tool to
acquire knowledge and understand situations.
It can be a way to convey a message, to tell a story. A way to stimulate the soul and
mind, and to arouse the spark of imagination.
The Visual language always had and still have a distinguished part in our lives. It is
present from the early times, for example in cave painting, hieroglyphs and
cathedrals from ancient civilization.
The Visual language was always used as a way to communicate and share ideas, as
well as documenting the life period.
In an age of so many stimuli, pluralism and abundance of Information, I enjoy telling
my story and that of others, with the help of art.
My creations are influenced by nature, psychedelic, Art Nouveau, 13th century art,
symbolism, philosophical ideas and ancient mysteries
I am always happy to meet new people, to be exposed to new styles and be a part of
interesting projects.